The Spirit of the Healer

A true healer seeks no profit. Healers work for the benefit of all, and are called to bring healing to all regardless of class, culture, or religion – healers must even bring healing to their enemies, for the healer has been given a gift. He who freely receives must also freely give. To him who much is given, much is expected. The spirit of the healer is one of selfless service and sacrifice. His task is to emulate Christ who gave all to heal all.

Healing Plants: The Gift of the Creator

Everything that the healer has received is a gift from the Creator. God has blessed healers with the very plants that they use in the art of healing. Even the healer’s insight and wisdom come from the Creator, whether directly or indirectly. All is God’s and God is in all.

The True Calling of the Healer

Those who take on the calling to heal others with a motivation towards profit will fall short, and never truly come to understand the gift. Only those who seek to serve others will see beyond the veil.

A healer must love: love his patients, love the plants, love each experience. The healer must know his patients intimately, therefore the healer must see beyond the patient’s physicality and see through to their spirit.  As Hippocrates said: “it’s more important to know the person that has the disease, than the disease that the person has.”

A healer must see each person before them as a unique and irreplaceable being. Each person is an endangered species, and once they are gone, there will never be another like them. There are no one size fits all cures, just as there are no one size fits all persons. A healer must see each person for who they are and find the imbalances within, and then set out to bring order and balance within that person. Each step of the way, the healer must work prayerfully. This is the true spirit of the healer.

Spirit of the Healer: Stinging Nettle
Spirit of the Healer: Stinging Nettle

Join us as we strive to create a more peaceful world as we seek to meet the Creator, through the creation. Strive with us to develop an authentic Trinitarian communion, as we honor our God, demonstrate love to one another, and show compassion upon all of nature.

Want to learn how to cultivate the spirit of the healer? Then join us on one of our wild plant medicine walks.

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