Wild Plant Walks

During our wild plant walks we will learn to identify various edible and medicinal plants, as well as discussing the folklore surrounding various plants. We will also learn how to harvest sustainably, how to treat the plants we harvest, and how to offer thanksgiving to both the plants for giving their lives for us, and to God for creating the plants. Lastly, we will pray that God increases the fruits of the earth, in this place and in all the world.

What to expect on a Wild Plant Walk:

As with everything, we will begin the walk with prayer and a short discussion about the plants, God, and our place within the cosmos. We will then walk slowly looking at the plants that fill our environment and discuss their uses, and their place within the ecosystem. We will taste some of the plants, and harvest some. When we do harvest plants, we offer a short prayer of thanksgiving and make an offering of Holy Water to the plants, asking that God bless and increase them.

All are welcome to join us for our Wild Worship Gatherings, as we seek to worship the Creator, in and through His creation.

Wild Plant Walks .:. Foraging, Wild Crafting, Plant Medicine
Wild Plant Walks .:. Foraging, Wild Crafting, Plant Medicine

What to Bring to a Wild Plant Walk:

  • Comfortable shoes for hiking and standing for long periods of time
  • Drinking Water
  • A notebook and pen or pencil
  • A loop or magnifying glass (optional)
  • An adventurous spirit

FAQ – Wild Plant Walks

How safe is foraging? Foraging is generally very safe, but there are a few guidelines to follow.

  • Never put anything in your mouth unless it has been positively identified
  • Once positively identified, consume only a VERY small amount of the plant the first time (you have no way of knowing if you will be allergic to a new plant)
  • Always listen to your guide, and don’t eat anything unless he tells you too.
  • If you are interested in studying wild crafting and foraging more seriously, learn all the poisonous plants first.\

Can I bring my children on the Wild Plant Walk? Yes, but you will be responsible for their safety and well being, as well as their behavior. Only you know how mature your children are and if they can handle a walk like this.

Join us as we strive to create a more peaceful world as we seek to meet the Creator, through the creation. Strive with us to develop an authentic Trinitarian communion, as we honor our God, demonstrate love to one another, and show compassion upon all of nature.

Wild Plant Walks take place in Pittstown, NJ and in various other locations throughout Hunterdon County New Jersey.

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The content on our website and in our courses is for educational purposes only. Although we try our utmost to provide useful and accurate information, you are responsible to research and verify information before relying on it.  We are trained herbalists, educators, and guides; we are not licensed or registered healthcare practitioners, therapists, or doctors.  

We cannot diagnose health conditions, nor prescribe medicines; we are not medical doctors.  However, we will recommend or suggest medicinal herbs for various health complaints, as we believe in the safety and efficacy of botanical medicine. It is up to you to research and decide the best course of action for yourself.

The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. You are responsible for your own health. As with conventional medicine, herbal medicine is vast and complex, and must be used responsibly.

It is your responsibility to monitor what you consume and how much you consume. We are not responsible for any injury, harm, or reactions that may occur on one of our walks.

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