Wild Story Walks

In these walks, we will use storytelling to teach about the proper relationship between man and creation, and man and God. We will learn about the lives of various wild, holy, men and women who have lived before us, and how they found communion with the earth and with God.

What to expect on a Wild Story Walk:

Wild Story Walks will be short, leisurely hikes focusing on learning through story. Storytelling was an ancient method of passing on knowledge. Using the stories of ancient saints, mystics, martyrs, nature lovers, and other primitive peoples, we will gather in the wild to learn their stories and how we are intimately interconnected with both the Creator and the creation.

All are welcome to join us for our Wild Worship Gatherings, as we seek to worship the Creator, in and through His creation.

Wild Story Walks .:. Christian Theological Ecology
Wild Story Walks .:. Christian Theological Ecology

What to Bring to a Wild Story Walk:

  • Comfortable shoes for hiking
  • Drinking Water
  • A blanket (optional)
  • An adventurous spirit

FAQ – Wild Story Walks

What if I am not a Christian?Everyone is welcome to attend our Wild Prayer Walks: believers, skeptics, and all those in between. All we ask is that you be sincere in your attendance and remain respectful of our beliefs and practices. If you have questions, we will do our best to answer those at the appropriate time.

Can I bring my children on the Wild Story Walk? Yes, but you will be responsible for their safety and well being, as well as their behavior. Only you know how mature your children are and if they can handle a walk like this.

How difficult are thewild  story walks? The wild story walks will vary in difficulty from very easy, to moderately difficult. We will offer a variety of walks for every skill level and physical make-up. The difficulty rating will be listed in the information for each walk on the calendar.

Join us as we strive to create a more peaceful world as we seek to meet the Creator, through the creation. Strive with us to develop an authentic Trinitarian communion, as we honor our God, demonstrate love to one another, and show compassion upon all of nature.

Wild Story Walks take place in Pittstown, NJ and in various other locations throughout Hunterdon County New Jersey.

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Wild Story Walks .:. Christian Theological Ecology – New Jersey